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The Evolution of This Windmiller
Although I grew up in the city, I spent lots of my time during the summers on my grandparents' farm and had plenty of exposure to farming and ranching machinery (including windmills).

As I got older I wanted to become a welder and went to welding school.  Then my career path changed and I went into the manufacturing field as a machinist then eventually got a degree in automotive technology and became a mechanic.

It was sometime around 1999 that my grandma told me I could have one of my grandpa's old windmills.  I thought it was beautiful and wanted it to be out on my place.  I really became focused on my new/old windmill and found out all I could about the different kinds of windmills and about the windmillers that still work on them.  Then I met a windmiller and befriened him enough that he allowed me to shadow him around.  That was when I began learning the mechanics of how windmills work.

Several years later around 2005, I purchased my own well service truck, got my pump installer's license and began helping folks keep their mills running and water pumping.  I had become a windmiller and Prairie Legend Windmills was born!

At the end of 2011, my wife and I sold our full time automotive repair business we had operated in order to start the year, 2012, working at Prairie Legend on a full time basis 

Windmills are my passion but in order to grow our business, we are branching out into other forms of "off the grid" water pumping.  Windmills have been "green technolgy" for over 120 years.  It seems to me to be a great time to be involved in the old and the new of water pumping!

Michael Porterfield