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Sales and Installation of Water Pumping Windmills and Components
Rebuilding and Restoration of Old Water Pumping Windmills
Moving and Relocating Water Pumping Windmills
Prairie Legend Windmills, LLC sells and installs remanufactured Dakota 702 windmills.   For over 25 years, Dakota Windmill and Supply has been one of the most premier rebuilders of 702 Aermotor windmills in the nation.  Dakota Windmill retains the best features of the 702 Aermotor windmill while making improvements where possible.  By doing so, they provide a remanufactured windmill of the upmost quality.  Dakota Windmills backs the quality of their remanufactured windmill with a 5 year component warranty.  The most common sizes of windmill that we work on are from a 6' to a 10' in diameter wheel.  Common tower heights range from 21' to 33' tall with the average depths that we set our pumps being in the area of 60 to 100 feet deep. 

For the customer that prefers a new windmill, San Angelo Aermotor Windmills are available for an additional cost.

We rebuild and restore old windmills with the help of local machinists, welders and a network of windmill and windmill part collectors.  Often an old windmill can be restored back to working condition.  Some windmills are too worn to be brought back into working condition but can be restored to a display or ornamental condition.  Finally, there are some windmills that are too obsolete or battered to the point that it is not practical to restore.  We can help you determine the condition and the potential of an old used windmill.

The price of restoration varies depending upon the condition and desired use of windmill.  Call us at 405-837-6700  to find out more.
Whether you find and purchase a windmill while out exploring the countryside, or need a mill moved from one farm or ranch to another, we can take it down and move it to the new location.  It's a good time while the mill is down to inspect and make any needed repairs or adjustments before putting the windmill back up.

The charge for moving and relocation is $80.00 per hour.

 Repair of Existing Water Pumping Windmills
​If your windmill is making strange noises, the brake isn't workng, or any other number of issues, we may be able to repair your mill while it is still on the tower.  If there is low or no water pumping out of the well, we can pull the pipe and rod and perform an inspection for corrosion and wear, clean and inspect the pump cylinder and possibly just install new leathers in the pump to get it operating properly again.

Call us at 405-837-6700 to get more information and a free estimate.  
Yearly Windmill Oil Change and Maintenance Service Pricing​

We recommend a yearly windmill oil change and maintenance service which includes draining the oil, flushing with solvent, refilling with new oil, lubricating important pivoting points on the mill, testing the braking and furling system for proper operation, checking various nuts and bolts on the wheel and tower that may come loose over time from vibration and tightening any that are visibly loose, testing
 to ensure windmill is pumping water.

Pricing for yearly service starts at $85.00.